О компании


«VNESHCONSULT» is the first professional consulting company founded in Russia. It was established in 1988, at first as a joint venture with the Finnish consulting company "Mecrastor". In 1991, the well-known international consulting & auditing company "Ernst & Young" became "Vneshconsult"'s foreign partner. From 1991 till 1996, the firm acted on the Russian market under the trademark "Ernst & Young Vneshconsult Group". In 1996, "Vneshconsult" bought out the share of "Ernst & Young", thus becoming a fully Russian consulting company, acting under the trademark "Vneshconsult Invest".

At present, besides its central office in Moscow, "Vneshconsult" disposes of a unique business network of over 3,000 consultants in all the regions of Russia and the New Independent States, specializing in wide range of consulting services within the classifier of the European Federation of Management Consulting Associations (FEACO).

Scope of Services of "Vneshconsult Invest Ltd."

  • Management improvement
  • Economic analysis of investment projects, and development of business programs for their implementation
  • Restructuring of enterprises
  • Analysis of the financial & business activities of a company, and their improvement
  • Formation and development of new financial & industrial groups
  • Sales, acquisitions, mergers and takeovers of companies
  • Market and client studies
  • Assistance to foreign companies in entering the Russian market
  • Assistance to Russian companies in entering foreign markets
  • Project Management
  • Profiling and re-profiling of enterprises
  • Legal support
  • Political consulting and PR
  • Development of regional programs

Major projects carried out by "Vneshconsult" during 1988-2000

  • Feasibility studies for the establishment of 30 joint ventures on the USSR territory.
  • Expert appraisals of feasibility studies for the construction of 3 petrochemical combines (on the bases of the Tenghiz, Nizhnevartovsk and Surgut oil fields)
  • Incorporation and restructuring of the Bratsk Pulp and Paper Factory
  • A feasibility study for the construction of the international airport in Alma-Ata
  • Preparation of tender documentation for the development of the Udokan copper mining field
  • Preparation of an information memorandum for the share placement tender for the joint-stock company "Uralmash"
  • Assessment of the opportunities for attracting foreign investments to the city of Cherepovets
  • Assessment of the opportunities for attracting foreign investments to the Chelyabinsk oblast
  • Asset evaluation for:
    - Murmanrybprom
    - Oskol Non-Ferrous Metal Factory
    - Krivorozhsky Steel Factory
  • Expert appraisal of the IL-96 M/T aircraft supplies for the joint-stock company "Aeroflot - Russian International Airlines"
  • Russian market research for foreign companies:
    - United Technologies
    - Sikorsky Aircraft
    - BPB Gypsum
    - RJR Nabisco
    - Sonera
    - BBG, etc.

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